Review: A Little Drape of Heaven (online)

Streaming at the Brighton Fringe, A Little Drape of Heaven is presented by This Is Not a Theatre Company.

It is an audio piece of twenty-nine minutes duration designed to be an experience for an audience member to enjoy when holding a piece of clothing close to their heart.

Spoken by a sari waiting for someone to come and hold them, this short play written by by Mahesh Dattani invites the listener to connect with the fabric they hold and the memories or emotions it represents.

Promtional image for A Little Drape of Heaven

Based in New York, the theatre company specialises in audio plays and dance, with this show considering the value of objects beyond how much they are worth in monetary value.

As the sari tells its story through the voice of Swati Das, the play becomes an exploration of sensual joy in tangible objects. I decided to hold a scarf which held some childhood memories with family connections, connections to the town I was born in.

The sari’s story, full of joy, music, and imagination, grows in intensity as the piece progresses. The boy comes to hold the fabric close to his heart, to listen to the story, but what is really happening, and what does the object feel?

Is this tradition, the passing down of a valued item of clothing, and if so, what does that tradition mean?

“All beauty is short-lived, and makes you want more”.

You can stream A Little Drape of Heaven during the Brighton Fringe: purchase your ticket here. For more on This Is Not a Theatre Company visit their website.