Review: Anne Bayne of Duddingston Loch (online)

Immortalised as “The Artist’s First Wife” in the portrait by her husband, Allan Ramsay, Anne Bayne is given her own story and voice in this short audio drama streaming at the Brighton Fringe.

The latest play from award-winning writer Lita Doolan is set in the age of Enlightenment, where Bayne is waiting for her lover (not yet husband) to return from study, and finds herself alone at Duddingston Loch.

As she composes letters and considers a surprising discovery, we discover more about the woman behind the image. You might be familiar with her portrait, but how might she have felt on the cusp of marriage, left in Scotland by the one she loves?

Production image for Anne Bayne of Duddingston Loch

It’s a separation which stings, and this piece puts in perspective a love affair between those who create. It takes the form of communication between two people apart, and is a rich form of story telling.

Having said that, I felt this may be a stronger piece if it had some visuals to put things in perspective. It’s simply a personal preference when the beautiful Scottish landscape is concerned.

You can stream Anne Bayne of Duddingston Loch at the Brighton Fringe – tickets here and trailer here.