Sigil (Living Record Festival, online)

“An art film combining music and live performance, allowing audiences a glimpse into the world in which WCB’s music exists.

A world aside from the norm, a surreal and separate existence populated by the misplaced, the queer, and the non-conforming”.

WCB performs his own music, in settings which suggest a collection of linked of music videos. Everything is very vibrant, glamorous, and challenging. In WCB’s music there is beauty and elegance, but also a sense of playfulness and provocation.

In this strange and diverse space, there is no plot to be found but some of the images and the accompanying music catches the viewer unawares, makes them stop to think about their place in the world and their preconceptions of others.

There are moments where WCB’s performance invites us to come inside his world; at other times we are kept at arm’s length watching his world at play. This is clubland writ large, a vast playground of images which may seem haphazard but which have been carefully selected for their particular significance in the artist’s world.

WCB: Sigil - screencap

The landscape is full of projections, the journey extremely personal: an audio-visual feast for the senses. Perhaps in some ways it could be classed as on the way to pretension, but this is a journey into the psyche of an artist allowing us to get close when they allow it, on their terms.

A personal vision of WCB’s place in the LGBTQ+ community, this is an intense and often bewildering experience. It is about costuming, identity, claiming one’s space, about taking control. The music itself drifts along and has little variance, making it somewhat dreamlike.

Don’t watch Sigil if you are looking for storytelling; instead appreciate this for one man’s exploration of his queer artistry within the digital realm.

Sigil can be viewed on-demand as part of the Living Record Festival: book your tickets here.