Review: 7 Minutes in Heaven (web series)

The concept of “Seven Minutes in Heaven” has been referenced in many films and series over the years, notably in Mike O’Brien’s series of celebrity interviews in the closet, trying to snatch a kiss at the end.

Jonny Brace’s web series is pitched at a millennial audience and feels very much influenced by spin the bottle and kiss tag – party games of the past.

7 Minutes in Heaven is darker, though, with sex, religion and politics all rubbing shoulders in a cupboard where two partygoers at a time have a close encounter, until the focus switches slightly in the final two pieces.

It isn’t actually La Ronde, but in such an intimate space and in a short running time, we get some insight into these young people and how they think, speak and operate.

Screengrabs from 7 Minutes in Heaven

Even though this series appears slight on the surface, there are moments here which could be explored in a more developed piece at a longer length. I’d like to hear Rachael’s story in more detail, and explore what is happening with Victoria.

Enjoyable as they are, the 7 Minutes in Heaven are more amuse-bouche for social network watchers than in-depth playlets. They are perfect for dipping into in this new age of digital theatre, and meet the company’s remit of “projects that explore topics such as a mental health, LGBTQ+ representation, and existentialism while still retaining an element of fun”.

Good performances, though, from Brace, Gabi Kerr, Archie Griffiths, Matt Ackermann, Tiffany Marina Pearmund, Isla Hughes, Katie Cannon, and Duncan Woodruff. This is a team who are not afraid to delve into awkward areas and topics while still enjoying their work.

You can watch all episodes of this series from Lost Tapir Productions free on YouTube here. You can find out more about the production company here and about Jonny Brace on his Instagram.