Review: Lost in Love (Edinburgh Fringe, online)

Lost in Love is a new play presented by Flow Stage Productions. A brash and funny lady, Emily (Rachel Pryde) has something to tell about her life and the men in it.

She seems a typical city girl who drinks too much, has a dance, and has a lifetime subscription to Tinder, but is that all there is?

As a one-woman play, Lost in Love is very effective and has moments where you really want to see what is behind Emily’s psychological wall. What caused the breach between her and “BFF for life” Sophie?

Emily tells us her story, navigating through her disasters in love and friendship. In a very stark and accomplished performance by Pryde, the main character comes across very well but some of the supporting ones need a bit more definition.

Promotional image for Lost in Love

When the writing works, it is sharp, honest, and devastating. Emily is very clear on where she stands with sex, yet keeps men at arm’s length. She is emotionally distant and physically disinterested, with something below the surface about to pop.

There are moments, conversations, snapshots which are beautifully written and performed in this challenging piece, and the local colour is painted with a careful and steady hand.

Lost in Love is co-written by Nathan Kean (who also directed) and Megan Bowie. It is a play which takes care to balance the comical and tragical with flair, but could benefit from a few small tweaks as the story progresses towards its tense and startling ending.

Fringe rating: *** (and a half)

You can stream Lost in Love on the Fringe Player at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe until 30 August: book your ticket here.