Review: Becoming Adorable (Edinburgh Fringe, online)

This new play streams in the Edinburgh Fringe through August, and in just under an hour, introduces us to a new vlogger and her preoccupations and reflections.

Jane Comer plays “Amy Williams”, a trans woman, who collaborates with director “Oscar Ludlow” on a web video series, but she’s “over” being transgender and doesn’t necessarily want to be defined by it. Instead, she has romantic comedy on her mind.

As the series progresses, Comer’s character learns more about herself and engages with the camera in her own solo rom-com, although she has no idea why.

This series both gently paroidies the web pieces produced by influencers, while also focusing on the big issues of being trans and finding your feet in a light way.

Promotional image for Becoming Adorable

With Hallmark plots and grunge heroes coming into the mix, Becoming Adorable kicks against gender stereotypes, family, happiness, athe parts we play, nd hidden secrets. It isn’t always successful, but it certainly brings this woman, ‘Amy’ and her video journal to life.

I liked how Amy grew in confidence as her videos progressed, with costuming and accessories, and her ability to engage with the audience.

As Comer not only performs the piece, but has also written and directed it, it is clearly a personal piece, and is an affirmative piece of LGBTQIA+ drama.

Becoming Adorable is full of sweet surprises and thoughtful discussion, and the character of Amy is sharply created and curated by Comer. I enjoyed its directness, its quirkiness, and, well, its adorableness!

Fringe rating: *** (and a half)

You can stream Being Adorable on the Fringe Player at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival; book your ticket here.

For more about Jane Comer and her work,visit her website.