Review: Judgment Day (Barrington Stage Company)

The return engagement of Barrington Stage Company’s digital production of Rob Ulin’s Judgment Day starts with dodgy corporate deals and pursuit of money. Produced on Zoom earlier in the year, it is fast-paced and funny.

As Sammy Campo wakes from a near death experience, he resolves to do nothing but good for the future. However, his moral compass and definition of ‘good’ is not quite what you might expect.

On his way to redemption he’s aided and abetted by former wife Tracy, son Casper, assistant Della, and priest Michael (a beautifully conflicted Santino Fontana). He sees his mission rather differently to them, but can he change?

Jason Alexander and Patti LuPone in Judgment Day

Judgment Day is a sharply observed piece of drama with an excellent cast of characters. In particular, Jason Alexander is a devious devil in the lead role.

Matthew Penn’s direction does a great job keeping a starry cast going at a distance, and quite honestly I forgot about the physical separation of characters very quickly. Ulin’s text is amusing as a basic premise and uses echoes of A Christmas Carol to shape Sam’s fortunes.

With Patti LuPone as an angel in nun’s habit (which reminded me of Kathleen Freeman’s scary turn in The Blues Brothers), Loretta Devine as Sam’s long-suffering co-worker, and Justina Machado as the wife who dodged an emotional bullet, there are some strong players throughout.

Santino Fontana in Judgment Day

A sparkling show which transcends its technical limitations, Judgment Day is produced by the Barrington Stage Company and features Carol Massell (nervous Edna), Bianca Laverne Jones, Michael McKean, Julian Emile Lerner (a lovely performance as young Casper), Elizabeth Stanley, Josh Johnston and Michael Mastro.

The snappy music between the scenes is by Jordan Plotner, giving a knowing lightness to proceedings. This play asks “is anyone really good” and leaves you to fill in the blanks.

Judgment Day is available to stream from 26 July – 1 August. Book your tickets here.

LouReviews received complimentary access to review Judgment Day.