Review: An Evening With Professor Edvard von Goosechaser

Streaming in the Brighton Fringe, the teller of tall tales and monsterologist from the days of King Charles I (and II) teams up with the mute musician Marco to share his stories, peppered with historical characters and action. An Evening With Professor Edvard von Goosechaser is promoted as “MONSTERS, GHOSTS, WITCHES, WIZARDS, and CHEESE”, so you know exactly what you are going to get.

Brothers Adam and Mark Nightingale are the creatives behind this show, and although it is so visually pedestrian it may work just as well as an audio production, thanks to Adam’s engaging delivery of his material. With the Bible, the Civil War, profiles of the likes of the Witchfinder General and astronomer Dr John Dee. and much more which has already been shared in the Professor’s previous podcasts, this is a flurry of drama and wit which is endlessly entertaining.

Promotional image for An Evening With Professior Edvard von Goosechaser

Although I enjoyed hearing historical figures namechecked with which I have some familiarity, (and with clearly researched accuracy) I felt the scare and ghost elements of this “evening” could have been far more darkly conveyed, especially in video format. There are minimal props including a small puppet dog, but you could add quite a bit of atmosphere with a change of lighting or a creepy sound effect.

The music is a great accompaniment and completely in keeping with the timespan of the tales, and a recurring game of Bed, Wed, Behead pulls matters more into the 21st century and more contemporary concerns. This is a fairly solid show which tries to mix the vogue of historical interest with light comedy, and a couple of massive wees.

Fringe rating: ***

You can stream An Evening With Professor Edvard von Goosechaser on demand until 27 June – buy your ticket (£5) here. It is produced by Fighting Nightingales Productions in association with the National Civil War Centre and Newark Palace Theatre.