Review: Vampire’s Ball Ultimate Halloween Party (Brighton Fringe)

A Zoomed live-stream party for Halloween (yes, I know, it is June) comes to the Brighton Fringe courtesy of Americans Brad Tassell (author of ‘Don’t Feed The Bully‘) and Steve ‘Igor’ Goodie (of SiriusXM-Kids’s Harry’s Wand – check out his hilarious website).

It’s in June because of pandemic problems and because “every day should be Halloween”. Get on your scariest togs, enter the haunted house if you dare … and prepare for an “extra silly and joyous sing-and-dance-along”.

Music, bad jokes (‘Vlad the Inhaler” is just one example), and costumes mix with audience participation – if you want to – and a LOT of silliness.

By the fifteen-minute mark we have the resurrection of Pinky and Perky with a ghost song (you know, the speeding-up gimmick). It’s like the maddest of DJs joined the jokiest of your relatives to tempt you on the dance floor.

Dracula, the werewolf, Harry Potter’s Nearly Headless Nick and more are covered in this fun piece which might, I suspect, have just as much appeal to kidults as their little ones.

Both Tassell and Goodie are enthusiastic performers and fine musicians. They definitely have their comic chops, too. The songs owe more than a nod to the early, playful, weirdness of the Bonzo Dog Band, or the interludes in Play School. No bad thing.

Screencap from Vampire's Ball

Production values are pretty high for Zoom – Igor’s lab with screen and music – however, having two active performer screens and audiences invited to leave their cameras on led to a very busy experience which took away slightly from the performance.

When I picked this one to review, I wasn’t sure what to expect. It’s full of energy and toe-tapping tunes. The illustrations are also great, and serve to keep the audience’s attention.

Everyone loves candy, zombies, dancing, and music, so what’s not to like. Tassell’s witty poems for his child have become top Halloween anthems. Potentially.

Fringe rating: ****

You can watch Vampire’s Ball Ultimate Halloween Party at the Brighton Fringe until 27 June, at 7pm each evening. Running time approx 45 minutes, cost £5. Book your ticket here.

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  1. Vampires Ball was absolutely delightful and so theatrical!! Great morals for kids and even afults will find themselves toe tapping

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