Review: Aidy the Awesome (artsdepot, online)

Commissioned by the Curve, Leicester, produced by the Gramophones Theatre Company and directed by Hannah Stone, Aidy the Awesome is currently part-way through a digital tour (see here for details).

Aidy (Farrell Cox, who strikes just the right tone in the role) seems to be just like any other eight-year-old girl, but one day she unexpectedly flies up in the air, and finds out a hidden family secret from her granny.

With clever aerial work choreographed by Gwen Hales, a rocking musical score by Darren Clark, and a story which allows youngsters to see a heroine who is just like them, Aidy the Awesome is a smashing piece of family entertainment. It encourages children to celebrate what they are good at and push their own achievements.

Production photo from Aidy the Awesome

With a four-woman cast – joining Cox are Deborah Sanderson as Granny (“the glorious!”) and Kathryn Hanke as the dastardly Ron de Chocolat (booooo!), with Alice McKenna providing the live music and smaller parts – this is brightly feminist, boldly funny, and beautifully filmed.

Aidy is just the feisty, clever and enthusiastic hero girls her age are searching for. She’s a tough cookie, ambitious and positive. With her granny, she makes a powerful team. In fact, she’s truly awesome.

With eye-popping colours (design by Irene Jade and lighting by Alexandra Stafford) plus a fast-moving plot, this is a brilliant show for children and their families.

Production photo from Aidy the Awesome

To accompany the show there’s an activity pack with games and ideas to create your own drawings and superhero costumes, just like Aidy. It’s a well thought-out package of material which will keep young ones occupied in thinking and creating for quite a while.

You can watch the stream of Aidy the Awesome via Bridport Arts Centre on 12 June, Harrogate Theatre on 13 June, or the Offbeat Festival, Oxford from 22-27 June.

Image credit: Pamela Raith

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