Review: My Prom Date, The Axe Murderer (online)

Scott McQuaid’s new play as writer and director runs a tight twenty minutes and takes its inspiration from The Muppets, 50s American sitcoms and low-budget sci-fi and slashers. Even without those references, you can enjoy, but with them you can appreciate it just a little bit more.

As with Pop Up Theatre’s last show which featured Satan, we’re in the territory of horror and the horrible here as the prom queen teams up with a proper killer. It’s a twisted tale which is far from your usual teenage romance.

A raucous comedy with an adult edge, My Prom Date, The Axe Murderer features Alexandria Tan (as the teen ready to party), Saijan (Seth, the killer), Tan Zoo Tse (the mom), Luqman Suhajb (a policeman), Danniel Iskandar (a one-armed man) and a badass puppet as the nosy neighbour Edgar.

Nancy and Edgar in My Prom Date, The Axe Murderer

Pop Up Theatre, based in Kuala Lumpur, have created some quirky and silly shows on the virtual stage this year, and My Prom Date is a good one to join if you’re in the mood for a blood-sosked moment of laughter.

The mom’s easy air of politeness to her daughter’s date despite him beibg covered with blood and brandishing an act is amusing enough, but Edgar’s double takea are something to behold. I’d love to see a show with him as the star: maybe giving interviews, for a price, about the events he’s seen here.

There are questions here. Why is the neighbour a puppet? Why does Seth carry an axe? Who is the one-armed man and where is his missing limb? Is mom always so blase? What kind of school does this prom princess go to? Did someone kill pop?

With a catchy closing song and a really black ending, My Prom Date is another snippet of fun from this darkly inventive company.

For more, follow them on YouTube, where you can find a few full productions to watch for free.

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