Review: … The F*ck Am I Doing (Cow Collective)

The digital revival of … The F*ck Am I Doing marks the inaugural production of new writing initiative, The COW Community, founded by recent graduates of the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.

The 30 April premiere will support not-for-profit organisation, Playing Sane, who support the mental health of working artists.

Seven millennials feeling lost, we see them together at times (separate windows) and solo, get a feel for their days, work, life, but not too much about their characters.

Screencap from opening number of ... The F*ck Am I Doing

The musical (music by Emily Rose Simons, lyrics by Ali Keller) is mostly sung-through and has excellent music with lyrics that give an insight into this generation, whether the big things or the small and mundane (doing the laundry, shopping, leaving their home).

Over a 95 minute runtime, issues of self-worth and image, career progression and ageing are all explored in the indoors and outdoors. Social media is of prime importance to this generation so we see messaging, dating apps, and live broadcasts, as well as an eager search for followers.

Directed (by Manda J√łnsson) and edited beautifully, this is not just Zoom transferred to the screen, although the sound balance between solo songs could do with a little bit of attention.

Screencap from ... The F*ck Am I Doing

The characters are seen in their favourite places at home or outdoors (parks, city streets, woods, cemeteries), and there are hints on their phone screens of wider lives.

It isn’t always clear if these seven characters (Harold, Max, Jo, Lynn, Alice, Holly and Wendy) know each other or not, or just have the same concerns about their place in the world. You can create your back stories for them as you wish.

The cast of this show comprises Scarlet Simmons, Danny Romeo, Sofie Kaern, Lucy Helen Carruthers, Lizzie Buckingham, Ayesha Staley, and Hannah Abdool. All are talented actors and singers I hope we will see much more of soon, whether in digital or live theatre shows.

Screencap from ... The F*ck Am I Doing

… The F*ck Am I Doing is currently available to view until 5 May – book here – or you can book to view it here during the Brighton Fringe from 29 May – 27 June.

To find out more about The COW Collective go here; to visit Playing Sane’s website to find out more about their work with actors and mental health go here.

LouReviews received complimentary access to review … The F*ck Am I Doing.