Review: Breaking Up With Reality (Living Record)

An audio piece of music, sound and words peeking into life around us, Nod At The Fox’s new piece Breaking Up With Reality is currently streaming in the Living Record Festival.

“Reality just needs some time to think or reflect”, says the narrator, who is musing on it as if it was a partner. With sounds supporting his words, we can connect and reflect on how our own reality has begun to chsnge and morph into something new.

An origami rabbit becomes the physical focus of all hopes and worries. Distance and discordance. Anxiety and affection. Things which have preoccupied us for a year now as we are separated from families, and distanced from friends.

Created and performed by Eden Harbud, this is an exploration of where we are now, and what has changed over the odd times in which we find ourselves. The minutiae of life, of how our bodies and minds react to the reduction of our worlds, the smallness of our days.

I found this particular audio piece a clever and well-judged response to a world on pause, a reality which we cannot really focus on or understand when our worlds have become so small.

Nod at the Fox have adapted well to this new medium, evolving from live shows utilising puppets to something far more reflective. Sounds evoke reactions and emotions, whether the crowd and traffic noise of normality or something closer to home.

Breaking Up With Reality is available in the Living Record Festival – book tickets here.

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