Review: This Noisy Isle (Living Record)

Streaming as part of the Living Record Festival, This Noisy Isle is an audio drama for children based on The Tempest with stories and activities, a prologue, 4 tracks, and story packs.

Produced by Spun Glass Theatre, this immersive piece of theatre is designed for those aged 5-11, requiring some interaction with the actors and the use of props and situations suggested by Shakespeare’s perennial play.

With the four main sections led by Miranda, Caliban, Prospero and Ariel, you need little knowledge of the original play to join in. This is more about children using their imaginations to join in games, songs and stories.

The story packs are perhaps more suited to children at the older edge of the age range, but the whole series of videos plus the downloadable activity pack has been well-crafted and will keep enquiring minds busy, entertained and educated along the way.

Original artwork from This Noisy Isle

Re-purposed from a full immersive theatrical experience which toured in 2019, This Noisy Isle may be best experienced by a family, or a duo, to get a sense of creating an activity, and building something new together.

In the land of ‘Fire and Ice’, children follow a story arc of many layers: simply an adventure for the little ones; something more complex for older children and adults touching on the global refugee crisis.

Never preachy, This Noisy Isle makes its mark by an intuitive use of storytelling and music. You can access it alongside other shows in the Living Record Festival until 22 February: for more information go here.

LouReviews received complimentary access to review This Noisy Isle.