Lockdown review: Oops! I Streamed It Again

Thespie have “done it again” with a lively concert featuring some of the stars of West End musical on hiatus, &Juliet. This concert, filmed at the Oval Space, is a mix of pop songs and musical numbers, solos and duets.

In a pause where the singers discuss their favourite roles, of course their current gig gets prominence, but we also remember Cassidy Janson’s triumph as Carole King, Jordan Luke Gage as Strat in Bat Out of Hell, and Grace Mouat playing in SIX.

Grace Mouat in Oops I Streamed It Again

Oops! I Streamed It Again clearly borrows from the Britney Spears hit of almost the same time, which opens the show. Humour is found in a duet between Oliver Tompsett and Tim Mahendran of the REO Speedwagon sentimental ballad “I Can’t Fight This Feeling”.

Bowie takes centre stage in Gage’s version of “Life on Mars”, with a Gage/Mouat duet from Hadestown and a Tompsett/Janson piece from Wicked reminding us of the big shows currently silenced in the West End and on Broadway.

As ever with these short concerts (this is forty-one minutes long), the production values are excellent but we are left wanting just a little bit more. Ending with Des’ree’s “Kissing You” from the Baz Luhrmann 1996 film of Romeo + Juliet is a nice touch: but how can that film be nearly 25 years old?!

Jordan Luke Gage in Oops I Streamed It Again

As performer colleagues in the same show, this five clearly fit well together despite their different vocal styles. Tompsett displays a higher range than I previously noticed, and it is nice to see Mahendran outside of his comedy turn as &Juliet‘s Francois.

Oops! I Streamed It Again forms part of Thespie’s Reunited series this month, which continues with Girl Power and All I Want Is Christmas. Each concert is curated and developed by the artists featured, and cost £15 each (bundles are also available). Each purchase allows repeated viewing for 72 hours.

Tim Mahendran and Oliver Tompsett in Oops I Streamed It Again

As the West End slowly comes back to life over the next few months (tiers, tests and vaccines permitting), these concerts are the perfecf accompaniment for the live shows which are being staged or returning. They are small packages: a side dish, if you like, for the real thing.

To purchase tickets to Oops! I Streamed It Again or other shows in the Reunited series, visit https://thespie.com/news/reunited-series-concerts-announced.

LouReviews received complimentary access to review Oops! I Streamed It Again.