Lockdown review: The Legend of Moby Dick Whittington

Sleeping Trees bring anarchic chaos to your living rooms this year with another magical and marvellous panto which you can join in at home. Welcome to The Legend of Moby Dick Whittington, a festive show for everyone to enjoy.

You can join James, John and Josh as they save Christmas, escape from a while, outsmart King Rat, and make Dr Ahab a respected scientist. With fun songs and chants and multiple opportunities to make your own props and sets, this is just the thing for little explorers and storytellers and their parents.

If you’re familiar with this trio – I reviewed their panto Goldilocks and the Three Musketeers at Battersea Arts Centre last year – you’ll appreciate their brand of confused craziness, multiple characterisations, and carefully crafted jokes and set-ups. They know perfectly well how to engage with young minds and are not afraid to behave like big kids themselves.

Although this year’s panto mash-up brings Dick Whittington and his Cat together with Moby Dick, we also have Pinocchio on hand, plus a special appearance from Scrooge. Grab your bedsheets, toilet rolls, kitchen clutter and your own enthusiasm, and this will keep you laughing from beginning to end.

Kerry Frampton’s direction takes in a variety of locations in the home: the landing becomes a mayoral balcony; inside a makeshift tent is the belly of a whale; the bathtub is the sea. Fast-paced and cleverly cut, The Legend of Moby Dick Whittington brings a raft of characters to life in bizarre situations.

Does the lively atmosphere from a stage show with an audience come across on screen? I would say yes: plenty of opportunities for improvisation and joining in, and the performers never fail to remember the little eyes watching them at home, making them feel included and welcome.

Co-written by Joshua George Smith, James Dunnell-Smith, John Woodburn and Ben Hales, this is non-stop fun in pre-recorded form straight from one house to yours. If you’d like to join in, you can from £5 at https://sleepingtrees.ticketco.events/uk/en/m/e/the_legend_of_moby_dick_whittington.

LouReviews received a complimentary ticket to view The Legend of Moby Dick Whittington.