Lockdown review: One Duck Down

Environmental issues are to the fore in FacePlant Theatre’s musical show One Duck Down, which is streaming as part of the Dazed New World festival at Applecart Arts.

Written for children, this show highlights pollution, climate change and more while being hugely entertaining. Our hero Billy (Owen Jenkins) travels around the world in search of 7,000 rubber ducks lost when a ship loses its cargo.

One Duck Down is written by Jenkins, Alice Bounce and Maxwell Tyler (both appearing in multiple roles here alongside Lydia Hourihan). It never talks down to its audience or becomes too preachy, and will make you smile throughout.

Catriona Gisby’s catchy songs bring the plight of ocean birds, Arctic-dwelling animals, crusty crabs and even trainee pirates to life, and you will be tapping your feet snd humming along in no time.

Cast of One Duck Down
Cast of One Duck Down

Adults will appreciate the serious message here and the occasional joke the younger audience will miss. For children, there are moments that will engage and educate throughout, and the set by Lily Faith Knight is both simple and flexible, standing in for a variety of locations.

One Duck Down is hilarious and quite brilliant, with effective direction from Christa Harris, lighting by Zeb Burnham, and sound from Alannagh Cooke. To find out more about Face Plant Theatre visit their website.

Shows in Dazed New World run until 24 October. Tickets are available from £8 at Applecart Arts.

LouReviews received a complimentary ticket to review One Duck Down.