Lockdown review: Worlds Away

Worlds Away is a film by circus troupe Cirque de Soleil, released in both standard and 3-D versions. It takes inspiration from many of the shows and acts across the 2011 season of their live shows.

When the aerialist misses a catch, Mia finds herself literally sucked into a fantasy world of beautiful visuals, unusual people, and magical music. Spectacle after spectacle fills the screen as a showcase for the Cirque (who are currently undergoing some financial and organisational hardship due to the ongoing pandemic).

The film is purely an excuse to bring together the spectacle of a number of their Vegas shows under the guise of a flimsy plot. The device of adding Mia into the world she is watching is classic children’s daydreaming, but here given an added frisson with a love angle.

Screencap from Cirque du Soleil, Worlds Away

It doesn’t matter to me that there is no story to this film. It is terrific to watch the acrobatics, light projections, strange clowns and much more. The music on offer ranges from classical to Elvis and The Beatles, with the Vegas magic sprinkled through every frame of this two-hour feature.

It is safe to say that Cirque du Soleil are not your typical circus group, with tumblers and moments of mirth. They are borderline disturbing at times, with odd make-up and startling effects. The scale is always staggering, but it is turned up just a notch here. The camera pulls you close to the performers and shows moments you may struggle to catch in the arena venues the troupe usually plays.

Detail from poster from Cirque du Soleil, Worlds Away

Worlds Away is always entertaining. If you are prepared for the fact that this is basically a disjointed showcase of mime and expensive set pieces, you should enjoy what you see. You may have fun watching the influences and homages to other shows and films across the cultural spectrum along the way.

This film is currently available on Amazon Prime.