Lockdown review: In Conversation with Miriam Margoyles

Raising funds for her beloved Omnibus Theatre (a treasure based in a former public library on the edge of Clapham Common), Miriam Margoyles proves to be every inch the entertainer and raconteur in her In Conversation With … tonight.

Known for her frank opinions and “lack of a filter” (her words), the formidable Ms M does not hold back in this chat with author Peter Guttridge. He in turn proves a fitting interview for this little dynamo.

From tales of her Jewish ancestors through to the Cambridge Footlights (“they (John Cleese and co) didn’t like me, and I didn’t like them”), and into partnerships and politics, she is likeable, forthright, and hilarious.

At a tiny 4ft 10in, Margoyles makes up for a lack of height with a huge personality and refreshing political conviction. She is generous about fellow actresses, especially Dames Maggie Smith and Eileen Atkins, and notes that her career has rested on luck and her own unique gifts.

Now we know what Margoyles loves the most (chopped liver), how the pandemic has affected her (with her partner isolating in Amsterdam, she’s lonely), and how much she paid for her house (12k, nearly fifty years ago), we feel we might know her just a little bit more.

A left-leaning gay Jewish performer, a grammar school girl with grandparents from the Gorbals, Miriam Margoyles is my idea of a national treasure. A hugely entertaining hour.

You can donate to support the Omnibus here.

In Conversation with Miriam Margoyles took place over Zoom on a “donate what you can” basis.