Lockdown review: ABC (Anything But Covid)

This short film from Ugly Bucket Theatre (“seriously silly physical comedy”) was commissioned by HOME in Manchester for their Homemakers series and looks at all the activities the country has been doing under lockdown.

Directed by Grace Gallagher and Rachael Smart, the film bears the anarchic and innovative hallmarks of the clown, whether literally (the painted face and slapstick) or metaphorically (clips of the PM advising everyone in the nation to “stay at home”).

A mix of self-help video and disturbing twisted fable, Ugly Bucket’s latest creation offers clips and conversations about baking, running, painting, and more of the predictable activities we have used to stave off boredom.

These are collated to produce a piece which provides more insight on loneliness, fear, and uncertainty than a whole month of government briefings. A piece which is also amusingly mimed and creatively filmed.

A piece that pulls you up out of your chair, brings all those opportunities to be a better person together, and tells you exactly how you need to do it. Your lockdown might be the tightest pressure cooker you will ever be in!

ABC features Adam Baker, Angelica Cliff, Canice Ward, Mother Crystal, Quinney Barella, Grace Gallagher, and Jess Huckerby. It is available at the HOME website on a Pay As You Can basis and runs just under nine minutes.

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