Divorced, Beheaded, Drive: SiX go on tour this summer!

Note: on 15 July a statement was issued by Live Nation cancelling this tour and their entire Drive-In concert series due to “local lockdown concerns”.

The Queens are back!

International smash-hit SIX announces it will be the first West End musical to perform after lockdown – joining the Utilita Live From The Drive-In summer shows.

Watch them rock out 8 shows a week at 12 open air sites across the UK: Milton Keynes, Liverpool, Leeds, Bolton, Teeside, Lincoln, Cheltenham, Bristol Edinburgh, Newmarket, Birmingham and London.


The tour begins 4 August and ends 12 September 2020.


300 vehicles can attend each show, with up to seven people each car. You will be able to step outside your vehicle into your dedicated area, picnic and party.

This is the whole show with lighting, costumes, and the Ladies in Waiting band playing live! There will be screens at each side of the stage for a festival feel.


The Queens are from both West End and touring productions; individual performers will appear according to their availability.

Sounds fab. How can I book?

Live Nation and Kenny Wax are handling the tour and booking opens at http://livenation.co.uk/ on 3 July at 8am.

Presale at https://www.ticketmaster.co.uk/utilita-live-from-the-drive-in/six-the-musical-presale/

Don’t lose your head!

SIX Wesr End cast, by Eleanor Howarth
SIX Wesr End cast, by Eleanor Howarth