The Girl With Glitter In Her Eye (work in progress, The Bunker)

As The Bunker Theatre enters into its final season before closure – the land it occupies is set for redevelopment – this scratch/work in progress piece forms a brave addition to the theatre’s work.

Focusing on issues around consent, sexual trauma, and friendship, The Girl With Glitter In Her Eye has much to admire, and its theme is an important one. For me despite its clear energy and commitment, its fusion of mythology, manners, movement and music doesn’t quite (yet) come together in a cohesive whole.

We first meet the Furies, three tough women of fate, twitching and chirping across the white set. Then Helen, an artist, who seeks the opportunity to paint outside of “her background”. Assumptions of trauma and trouble from the perspective of a person of colour pale when her close friend and colleague Phil reveals a secret which becomes Helen’s inspiration and route to fame.

With echoes of Leda and the Swan, the play Art, the short story The Yellow Wallpaper and even memories of the artificial acting talents of the Incredible Orlando (in the character of the pause-savouring art director, set – we are told – against a curtain of pot plants), this piece of theatre is worth watching, but needs more thought about its final message.

Modupe Salu as Helen
Modupe Salu as Helen

The Girl With Glitter In Her Eye continues on Sundays/Mondays only until 27 January at The Bunker and is raising money to support the Maya Centre in Islington (which offers counselling to women who have suffered mental health problems due to violent or sexual trauma).

It is presented by the OPIA Collective (a team of female and LGBTQIA+ artists), written and directed by Masha Kevinovna, composed by Ben Ramsden and designed by Cara Evans (who captures the swan motif in a particularly eye-catching way).

Helen is played by Modupe Salu, Philomela (after the Greek mythological character silenced by patriarchy after her rape) by Anna Mackay, and the Art Director/Swan by Naomi Gardener. All double up as Chorus/Furies.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone connected with The Bunker all the best for future endeavours.

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