Sh!t Actually (Camden People’s Theatre)

I’m in the market for a spoof on one of the most popular Christmas films, Love Actually, so when I get an invite to see the newest production from Sh!t Theatre, in a theatre that is new to me, I’m duty bound to go.

Sh!t Actually takes careful aim at the storylines we all know and love (tolerate) from the 2003 “classic” and put a special spin all of their own on them.

Sh!t Theatre
Sh!t Theatre

Expect songs which skirt near to the knuckle, Stockholm syndrome, a loving airport homecoming, a liberal dose of “snatch”, a goodie bag, a bit of Beckett, a broom, a film locations tour, a singalong, a tot of Baileys, some panto play and a splash of hardcore porn. Sounds like a perfect festive night out!

Rebecca Biscuit and Louise Mothersole of Sh!t Theatre are old hands at this type of edgy, fun, and filthy comedy, looking for all the world like a couple of innocents who have been forcibly made-up as clowns and been given a sprinkle of naughtiness. I haven’t seen one of their shows before but applaud their imagination, devotion to detail, and downright irreverence. They’re talented singers, musicians and movers too.

All the high points of Love Actually are covered, from Emma Thompson’s tears to Martin Freeman’s travel woes, from Andrew Lincoln’s stalking of Keira Knightley’s child bride to Thomas Sangster’s juvenile romance, from Alan Rickman’s bit on the side to everyone’s favourite jumper. But if you’ve never seen the film, fear not, as every storyline is “lovingly” explored and mashed up into total confusion in hilarious style.

Rebecca and Louise of Sh!t Theatre
Rebecca and Louise of Sh!t Theatre

You’ll definitely laugh. And laugh a bit more. And laugh a lot more. And then laugh a bit more still. You’ll never see Love Actually in quite the same way again once you’ve watched a pair of dancing vaginas do battle with Severus Snape. You might not even think of Christmas in quite the same way.

So “jump” into the spirit of Sh!t Actually, “snatch” up a ticket, and listen to the words of wisdom of “Gaz the boom mike operator”. And in the words of the divine but slightly creepy Billy Mack, “f**k w**k bu*ger sh**ing a**e head and hole”. Merry Christmas!

Sh!t Actually is at the Camden People’s Theatre until the 21 December (Tues-Sat only). There is a BSL performance on 19 December at 7.15pm. Images courtesy of Sh!t Theatre.

LouReviews received a complimentary ticket to see Sh!t Actually.