Stanley Kubrick: the Exhibition (Design Museum)

Twenty years since the death of the reclusive and perfectionist film-maker, who relocated from the USA to the UK and only completed thirteen feature films in a near fifty year career, this exhibition lands at the Design Museum.

Stanley Kubrick was obsessionally concerned with even the smallest details around the creation, development, production and release of his films. Letters, memos, notes and more attest to this, along with scribbles on scripts, artwork, and storyboards.

There are props (the star child from 2001: a Space Odyssey, the furniture from the Clockwork Orange milk bar), costumes, production shots, models (the maze from The Shining, a reproduction of the Dr Strangelove war room), posters, and artefacts utilised by Kubrick including the steenbeck he used for editing, part of his huge library on Napoleon, his archive boxes, his headed paper.

A fairly comprehensive exhibition on Kubrick starting with a video installation and moving on to each of his major films from Spartacus on, ending of course where we began, with 2001, and HAL.

Stanley Kubrick: the Exhibition continues at the Design Museum. All photos by Louise Penn.