Woman to Woman (Cadogan Hall)

Three talented lady singer-songwriters (Beverley Craven, Judie Tzuke, and Julia Fordham) have come together to record an album and to tour in support of it.

Beverley Craven, Judie Tzuke, Julia Fordham
Beverley Craven, Judie Tzuke, Julia Fordham

Craven is now past her recent brush with cancer, and all three ladies have their own stories of life changes, family, and survival. Although Tzuke opted out of having old promo videos of her young self, Craven and Fordham were game enough to play along.

We had all the big hits. We had the privilege of seeing each lady in the lead with the other two as back up. We sang along with the new song (lyrics immortalised on a tea towel) about being safe, rested and hopeful.

Judie Tzuke, Beverley Craven and Julia Fordham
Judie Tzuke, Beverley Craven and Julia Fordham

I enjoyed the song choices which showcased each singer perfectly, but found some of the accompanying films and pseudo-Powerpoints going on behind a little distracting: let the music do the talking!

The ladies are all self-deprecating and amusing about their lives and careers, which makes this a very entertaining, thoughtful and emotional show.

Fordham isn’t a singer I have really followed, and her deep vibrato with a smoky jazz feel might not, on paper, feel complementary to Craven’s soulful melody or Tzuke’s ethereal melancholy.

However, a better trio you could not imagine, and the highlight of the three singing together was undoubtedly the harmonizing on Tzuke’s For You.

Julia Fordham, Judie Tzuke and Beverley Craven
Julia Fordham, Judie Tzuke and Beverley Craven

The setlist for last night was as follows:

Beverley Craven: Woman to Woman, Love Scenes, Without Me, Mollie’s Song

Julia Fordham: Happy Ever After, Girlfriend, I Want To Stay Home With You, Porcelain

Judie Tzuke: Welcome to the Cruise, Bring The Rain, Lifeline

All: If (When You Go)

Beverley Craven: Rainbow, Let It Be Me, Holding On

Judie Tzuke: Living on the Coast, Ladies Night

All: For You

Julia Fordham: Impossible Dreamer, (Love Moves In) Mysterious Ways, Stay

Judie Tzuke: Stay With Me With Dawn

Beverley Craven: Promise Me

Julia Fordham: Where Does The Time Go

All: Safe