DVD audit 2018 – part 1

By no means my entire collection, here is a peek at some of the films and TV series which make up my DVD collection.

Check back for more and for some book shelfies during the next few weeks.

2 thoughts on “DVD audit 2018 – part 1

  1. You provide helpful anecdotal evidence to support my theory that ‘The Nearly Man’ is by far the lowest-selling title in the ‘Forgotten TV Drama” range.

    The healthy amount of BBC America and Acorn America British television titles is the hallmark of a discerning and well-informed DVD viewer. Looking over your shelves has prompted me to buy a copy of ‘My Brother Jonathan’, which I’d never got round to before.

    1. I buy nearly everything – including The Nearly Man! I can’t thank you enough for this range actually, especially the AT Archive. I’m still hoping to see The Education of Corporal Halliday appear in due course if there are more collections planned.

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