A hundred favourites part 1

In chronological order, here are 100 films I really love and enjoy watching and rewatching. Part 1.

  1. The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari The earliest film on my list, and here purely because of the performance of a young and weird Conrad Veidt. As an actor in sound pictures, he was very different to how he appears here. His Cesare is not just evil, but vulnerable.
  2. The Passion of Joan of Arc Falconetti is just superb. Everything about this film says perfection.
  3. Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans Murnau’s German films are worth a look, but this late silent has everything. Attempted murder, lust, envy, and romance.
  4. Dinner at Eight An all-star extravaganza of the kind they don’t make anymore. It has two Barrymores, and Jean Harlow. What more do you need?
  5. Fury Spencer Tracy in one of his finest performances, in a thoughtful film from Fritz Lang.
  6. Gold Diggers of 1933 This poverty era musical is funny, zippy, cheeky, peppy – and ends with Remember My Forgotten Man. It’s wonderful.
  7. Gone with the Wind The greatest of all period dramas.
  8. Intermezzo The Swedish original, not the US remake. Although Leslie Howard was fine as the musician who is drawn to Ingrid Bergman, it is the great Gosta Ekman who makes this film special.
  9. Mr. Deeds Goes to Town It may be Capra-corn, but this quirky film is pure class.
  10. Ninotchka Garbo laughs, the tagline said. And with the Lubitsch touch, you will too.

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