Ducks and Drakes, 1921 – ★★★½

I contributed to a Kickstarter to get this film out of the Library of Congress archives and out into the world. It’s a Bebe Daniels comedy, and she plays Teddy, who likes to flirt on the telephone with random men while keeping her fiancé Rob (Jack Holt) at arm’s length.

When Rob discovers that all his friends have been dallying with Teddy, he arranges a surprise for her that should put her off being with strange men, while throwing her back at him. What transpires is funny, flirty, and naughty.

Bebe, at twenty years old, is full of mischief and innocence, and whether she’s in the bathtub, speeding along in her car, or coquettishly saving her virtue, she’s beautiful to watch, and a talented comedienne with large eyes, pouty mouth, and a range of 20s costumes which are terrific, stylish and stunning.

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