Cabaret, 1993 – ★★★★

Very good record of the Sam Mendes stage production from the Donmar, which is much closer to the story than the Liza Minnelli film. Jane Horrocks is rough at the edges as Sally, Adam Godley is sweet as Clifford, Alan Cummings is in fine camp feckle as the MC, Sara Kestelman is stunning as Frauline Schneider.

I saw a stage production (not this one) a few years ago and was taken by the darkness of the plot and the ending, and the version is no exception; although it does not yet have the final bleak coda.

Sally Bowles may be Liza to most people, but this is how she is meant to be. This is a tragic story of Berlin at the brink of war, and it is powerful piece of theatre.

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