May We Borrow Your Husband?, 1986 – ★★★★

Watched on Saturday September 20, 2014.

A stellar performance from Dirk Bogarde as observant writer William Harris lifts this literary drama which doesn’t go in quite the direction you think it will.

Interior decorators Stephen (Francis Matthews) and Tony (David Yelland) may put on the camp a bit thickly but quickly they move on from simply being nightmare neighbours to something more dangerous when naive young couple Peter and Poopie (Simon Shepherd and Charlotte Attenborough) arrive on their honeymoon.

Quietly devastating and also wickedly funny, this is one of Bogarde’s best late roles as someone given to quoting the sexy poetry of the Earl of Rochester to the new bride while not sharing his wisdom as to the reality of her marriage.

This is a real dramatic treat and is available to view at the BFI Mediatheque.

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