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Edinburgh Fringe digital review: Glimmer of a Rainbow


Aoife Fagan’s play with Unmuted Participants is billed as being about jewellery ethics and personal insecurities, but suffers from poor sound levels and a script which has a one-note delivery.

Playing Orla, who speaks direct to camera, Fagan’s solo piece could handle some variety in tone and backgrounds to keep things interesting.

We just see one room throughout and we have come to expect more now from shows in digital form. You don’t need bells and whistles but you do need a sense of change or progress.

At one hour, it is hard to keep the interest in the story. There are moments of potential, but they are lost in a piece which just doesn’t feel as if it is doing enough to engage with an audience at home.

With a bit more life, or a stronger structural core, this show could be salvaged but at the moment it feels like a work in progress which needs more thought and energy.

This isn’t a monologue which captures the interest, I am sad to say. Perhaps looking at examples across the Fringe or professionally dwveloped pieces like Talking Heads may give ideas to where Glimmer of a Rainbow can go next.

You can stream Glimmer of a Rainbow throughout the Edinburgh Fringe – purchase your tickets here.


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