Lockdown review: Fallen in Love

A Zoom play reading from Red Rose Chain, a theatre company in Ipswich, brings another perspective on the Anne Boleyn story to the screen.

Joanna Carrick’s Fallen in Love looks at the tale of Anne and her brother George, and their intense sibling relationship which ultimately led to their deaths. Fizz Waller and Scott Ellis star, and the stream was performed on the anniversary of Anne’s death, 19th May.

As it is presented as a reading without sets or costumes, of course this play requires the audience to imagine places and situations beyond the words. I’m a dedicated Tudor fan, so I definitely wanted to catch up with this piece once it transferred to YouTube.

Fizz Waller and Scott Ellis in Fallen in Love
Fizz Waller and Scott Ellis in Fallen in Love

In Carrick’s reading of the story, George Boleyn is just as ambitious as Anne to propel her onto the throne, and is as much to blame as other men who twisted power for their own ends, and used her as a pawn.

Anne starts as a playful girl with gleaming eyes when recalling “the Royal treasure house”, but becomes hard-hearted as both siblings move headlong to destruction, and as their respective marriages fall apart. Henry VIII and Jane are there, but only seen through the eyes of their spouses.

A complex play which benefits from a modern reading of Tudor concerns and morals. The second half is particularly strong as Anne clings to her position, first with desperation, then denial, and finally with queenly dignity.

Fizz Waller in Fallen in Love
Fizz Waller in Fallen in Love

Ellis played the role of George when the play was presented both at Ipswich and at the Tower of London, so it is interesting to hear his perspective of playing to a small, live audience, and the intimacy of this piece.

Fallen in Love is free to view on Red Rose Chain’s YouTube channel, i found the 65 minute piece involving and moving, and it is followed by a short discussion between the writer and actors.

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